Terms of Service

Terms, applicable laws and dispute resolution clauses. Terms that exempt or limit liability will be underlined in bold, and you should read them carefully.

User account security

● After successful registration, a user gets a personal user name and password allowing him/her to log in the app at any time. The user is fully responsible for maintaining the security of the user name and password and for all activities carried out under that user name. Users should not transfer or authorize others to use their username. If the user loses the password, it may have adverse legal consequences. Therefore, if password security is compromised for any reason, user should immediately contact the company customer service. The customer service reserves the judgement (for example, based on the account usage) either to provide a new password or to suspend the user account.

● The user account may not be transferred to anyone. Any account sharing is considered as a breach of the contract, with the liabilities arising from that breach.


● Our company retains complete and inseparable ownership and intellectual property rights to the following content and information:

1. our devices and apps and all their elements, including but not limited to all content, data, technology, software code, user interface, and any derivative items related to it;

2. user information;

3. any information and feedback related to the service provided by the user to the company.


● The user provides assurance that he is a legal subject with full legal capacity and has the ability to conclude a transaction and fulfill his/her obligations. Users are required to provide real personal information when registering and to ensure the validity and security of registration information, such as phone number, contact address, etc., and to ensure that the company staff can get in touch with users through the above contact methods. If the user does not have the aforementioned capacity for legal conduct, the user’s guardian shall bear the corresponding consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law, and the company has the right to terminate the provision of services to the user and cancel the user’s account. At the same time, users are also obliged to update relevant registration information in a timely manner when relevant information is actually changed. Any information posted by users through app shall not violate the relevant national laws and regulations, including but not limited to the following principles:

1. opposing basic principles determined by the law;

2. infringing on the legal rights and interests of others.

Change, interruption and termination of services

Our devices may require periodic maintenance. If the device performance is degraded after such periodic

maintenance procedures, our company does not bear any responsibility for such degraded performance.

In the following circumstances, the company has the right to terminate the service provided to the user:

■ When the user violates the relevant provisions of this service agreement, the company has the right to terminate the service provided to the user.

■ When the terms of service are updated, and the user expressly refuses to accept the new terms of service.

■ After the services are terminated, the company has no obligation to retain any information in the user’s account, or to forward any information to the user or a third party.

Intellectual property

Our intellectual property rights are registered and protected by relevant laws. Without permission and consent, no one may use the company's products, trademarks, text description or any related graphic materials.

Privacy statement

● Scope:

1. During user registration, provide personal registration information as required.

2. When using the app, it automatically stores all treatment data.

● Use of information:

1. The company will not sell or lend the user's personal information to anyone unless the user's permission is obtained in advance.

2. The company also does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or distribute user's personal information by any means. If any user engages in the above activities, the company has the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with that user and seal up his account upon discovery.

3. For the purpose of serving users, the company may provide services to users by using their personal information, including but not limited to sending products and service information to users, or sharing information with the company partners so that they can send users information about their products and service information.

● Disclosure - the user's personal information may be disclosed in the following cases:

1. Upon user's consent to disclose to a third party;

2. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, or require administrative or judicial bodies, administrative and judicial agencies;

3. If the user violates relevant laws or website policies;

4. To provide the third party products and services requested by the user;

5. Other company disclosures deemed appropriate by law or website policies;

Liability limits

The company fulfills its security obligations in accordance with the law. For that reason, our security obligations may be suspended without bearing the breach of contract liability:

● due to force majeure factors, such as natural disasters, strikes, riots, wars, government actions, judicial administrative orders;

● due to public service factors, such as power supply failures, communication network failures, or third party factors;

● when the company has been managed in good faith, due to routine or emergency design factors, such as equipment and system maintenance, equipment and system failures, network information and data security.